A Disney Wedding in Turks & Caicos?

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A Disney Wedding in Turks & Caicos?

OK, so we’re not quite ready for a full blown Disneyland here in Turks & Caicos yet, but we had a special appearance from Ariel recently!

Ronda and Josh had low key ceremony planned; just the two of them on the beach at Seven Stars saying their vows. At first they were not even planning to have a photographer but I’m so pleased they changed their minds so we have these stunning images to show you! And so much for it being a quiet ceremony; they’re such a fun couple that they made some friends while they were here, so they ended up with guests at their wedding after all…

Sean from Kaieri Photography was enthusiastic about the idea of the couple getting in the water for some shots so they arranged a ‘Trash the Dress’ shoot for the next day – perfect for our Little Mermaid lookalike and her Prince.

Congratulations Ronda and Josh, we hope to see you again soon – and we extend a warm welcome to any other princesses who’d like to marry here!