Ceremony Additions

A few simple words may be enough …

… Or perhaps you would like to add something else?

A sand ceremony is a lovely visual way of linking a couple. While the officiant speaks you both pour different coloured sand from conch shells into a vase. The sand mixes and can never be separated. We then transfer it to a glass bottle for you to take home and keep.

You could include children in this too, celebrating the bond of two families.

Using engraved rocks in a ceremony makes an unusual and personal addition, and can involve as many guests as you’d like.

Depending on how many guests you have, it might be a good idea to have a microphone and sound system so everyone can hear your words. That’s why they brought their tissues!

Music while your guests gather and playing as you walk down the aisle makes a lovely addition to the ceremony. Think tropical, with a steel pan player… Or gentle acoustic guitar sounds might be more your style? Or perhaps the notes of saxophone music drifting across the beach?

These are just some of the additions NILA Destinations suggests. If you have other ideas please ask; we are always open to new things!